Even though we provide hemodialysis care in several locations in the Netherlands, we provide holiday dialysis at our most beautiful location: in Rockanje on the Dutch coast. The location is beautiful and is close to the center of Rockanje (municipality of Voorne aan Zee) and the beach of course!


    In addition, Rockanje is an excellent base for visiting the beautiful province of Zeeland. Rockanje is more than an hour's drive from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Beautiful cities such as Rotterdam and The Hague are respectively 40 and 50 minutes away by car.

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    Dialysis center Rockanje (expected mid 2024)

    Medical Center RockanjeZorg

    Groene Kruisstraat 21

    3235 AJ Rockanje

    Open: Monday to Saturday from 8.00 - 18.00 h

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    What is there to do in and around Rockanje?

    Rockanje is a coastal town where everyone quickly feels at ease. The village is located on the west side of the island of Voorne. It is surrounded by beautiful dunes that are thickly overgrown. This area is ideal for a nice walk or bike ride.


    Rockanje has a beautiful, wide North Sea beach. The special thing is that the beach is on the south. So chances are the sun is directly overhead. Children can play safely here, because the sandbanks stop the flow of the water. The beach is always pleasantly busy and the beach activities that are organized make Rockanje a popular coastal town.


    The surroundings of Rockanje have something to offer everyone: horseback riding, skating, surfing, diving, walking and cycling in and around the large recreational areas such as the Oostvoornse Meer. You can taste culture in the Open Air Museum De Duinhuisjes, where you go back in time to the early 20th century. Also interesting is the former fortress De Heren van Voorne in Oostvoorne. This building was built in 1100.


    In short, enough to experience to enjoy!


    Source: www.rockanje.org

    Other useful link: www.opvoorneputten.nl (VVV)