• dialysis on the dutch coast

    Welcome to our website. Intended for hemodialysis patients who want to enjoy a wonderful holiday and dialysis on the coast in Rockanje (the Netherlands).


    We are currently preparing for the start of our holiday dialysis center, 2 km from the beach and 1 km from the pleasant center of Rockanje (municipality of Voorne aan Zee). Are you interested in enjoying a holiday on the Dutch coast and in dialysing there, possibly later this year or next year? Please provide us with your contact details via this link and we will keep you informed of the opening date.


    For people who need hemodialysis care, life, with half a day of dialysis several times a week, is already intensive enough. Also for any carer. That is why we want to offer holiday dialysis especially for them. So that dialysis patients and their supporters can also go out once in a while. Just like anyone else can. Unfortunately, many regular hospitals do not have a place and / or specialized staff to offer holiday dialysis. That motivated us to start a holiday dialysis center in the summer of 2023.


    The holiday dialysis takes place from 1 April to 1 October in Medical Center RockanjeZorg at Rockanje. A beautiful location with a beautiful light room on the ground floor with 6 dialysis places. We are happy to welcome you as a holiday dialysis patient, but also if you want to come to us for dialysis on a regular basis. We have options for dialysis in the morning, afternoon or evening, 6 days a week, all in consultation.


    The dialysis care will be provided by a professional team of dialysis nurses with extensive experience. We only perform hemodialysis treatments with various options for the bloodstream, such as catheter and shunt (buttonhole). Young shunts that are difficult to puncture are also possible with the presence of an ultrasound machine and shunt flow meter.


    Wi-Fi is available during your stay and you can use your own tablet or telephone. During the dialysis we have catering with coffee/tea and possibly a sandwich. Personal attention and a homely atmosphere are our priority.


    Incidentally, we also offer the possibility for dialysis group travel. The group can then stay in Duynresidentie Rockanje (maximum 16 people); to book through us.